Turmennan Learner Harps

Handmade in Ireland

Two new instruments for the harp student, a 26 string and a 34 string.

The TURMENNAN EALA is still our principal harp and is now well established as a quality hand made instrument. EALAs are being played throughout Ireland as well as in Canada, Finland, Japan and several in Great Britain.

Several people have approached us with problematic harps bought from online music stores, or eBay. These are mostly of Asian origin, and while not badly constructed, the strings and levers are of poor quality. They tend to be heavy and sound pretty awful. Generally it has not been possible to turn them into viable musical instruments. We have developed our harps to give student harp players access to decent instruments at an affordable price.

The LEARNER 26 is aimed principally at the younger harp student, but is equally suited to more experienced players, who want a travel or a therapy harp.

The LEARNER 34 is an economical, full size first harp for the more serious student.

My son Brian has now come on board and we are producing a new pair of starter harps.

Our learner harps are built from maple, to the same exacting standards of the EALA, and will give students the best possible start. Both harps have solid maple frames, coupled with birch aircraft ply soundboxes.

We only use CAMAC levers. The small American levers common on some small harps often become loose and generally are not very satisfactory. We can fit any combination of levers to suit individual requirements.

Levers on the C & F strings are often enough for beginners, and keeps the cost down. More levers can be added at a later date if required.