Turmennan Learner Harps

Handmade in Ireland

Learner 34

The Learner 34 is the full size ‘big brother’ of the Learner 26. This harp is suited to the serious student looking for a full size instrument at an affordable price. It is also constructed from solid maple, coupled to an aircraft ply soundbox.

Unlike many student harps, it too has proper harp tuning pins. Rather than nylon strings, which are found on most student harps, we use carbon strings, which are favoured by serious harp players and the 8 base strings on the Learner 34 are made to our specification by a specialist string maker in the USA.

The harp can be supplied with, or without levers. Many beginner harps use cheap American levers, which are often unsatisfactory. We only use quality CAMAC levers., which we consider to be the best on the market. We can supply the harp without levers, C & F only, or fully levered, or indeed any combination of your choice. We can also ‘retro fit’ further levers later if required. A harp teacher can often advise you of the best combination of levers to suit your individual needs. 

Dimensions –

• 34 strings: C2-A6 (2 octaves below middle ‘C’ up to 2 octaves plus 4 notes above middle ‘C’)

• Medium-light tension ‘carbon’ strings with 8 steel-core bass wires.

• Traditional even string spacing (approx. 4″ between octaves)

• Camac levers as required.

• Height at the top of the forepillar: 45”/115cm. Height at the shoulder: 43″/109cm.

• Depth: 27″/69cm. Soundboard width at bottom: 14″/35.5cm.

• Weight: 20 lbs/9kg.


 – Unlevered harp: £1200

 – Levers: £15 each

 – A high quality fully lined and padded carry case with handle, shoulder strap and outside pocket: £250

No deposit is required at the time of order, payment in full must be made upon collection

Worldwide delivery available